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Video Poker is great for players who are just starting out because it can easily be played at home on your computer or played on a video monitor at a casino or bar. It is less intimidating that playing at an actual table therefore a great way to start playing. Typically video poker is based on the game of five card draw and it can be played against the house, or with other players live online. And there are even websites were you can play for free to learn or hone your skills. In the game, a player is dealt five cards and then can exchange cards from the same virtual deck in order to create a winning hand. The best online casinos available in 2017 only on

Play Video Poker – Jacks or Better for free

Video poker is a bit different than other poker games so you must learn the winning hands and also learn some strategies before playing if you want to try to gain the slight edge. Knowing the winning hands will enable you to discard the correct cards and help you decide when to hold, or draw more cards in order to win. There are many different games with all kinds of pay schedules but most require a minimum of two jacks before they pay out, so you have to pay attention when you are playing as to what cards you have. Here are the typical hands in the order of how they will win the payout:

1. Royal Flush – A sequence of ace, king, queen, jack, and ten of the same suit

2. Straight Flush – Five cards in sequence of the same suit

3. Four of a Kind – Four cards of the same rank

4. Full House – Three of a kind and two pair

5. Flush – Five cards of the same suit

6. Straight – Five cards in sequence regardless of their suit.

7. Three of a Kind – Three cards of the same rank

8. Two of a Kind – Two cards of the same rank and two others of a different rank

9. One Pair – Two cards of the same rank

So for example, if you had two jacks, then you might want to trade out your remaining three cards and hope to get four of a kind, a full house, three of a kind, or two of a kind. You would not be able to get a royal flush or a straight flush. This is why you need to know what the winning hands are and what you can make out of the first five cards that you were dealt. This is important to understand, because the best strategy for video poker is to bet according to the strength of your hand. This way, you can stay in the game longer and have a better chance of winning a payout.

Video Poker is a fun, fast-paced  casino game that can’t be beat when it comes to the excitement of online gaming and recently more variations on the game have come out with wild cards that you should check out!

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